This article is about the Two Moons Rising episode. For the similarily named Battle For Negative Space episode, see We Are Not Alone Anymore.

"We Are Not Alone" is the third episode of Two Moons Rising, and the twenty-ninth episode overall of Nowhere Boys.


The gang catch their mysterious stalker - it's classmate Ben. He claims to be equally confused by this strange empty world, but when he's caught sneaking into the secret lair, he has a lot of explaining to do.


A flashback to Jesse's house; Jesse and Nicco are wearing wigs, filming a music video to "You Can't Bring Me Down" together. While dancing, Nicco bumps into Jesse and he falls over, with the two laughing at the turnout. However some of Nicco's friends arrive, reminding her she would be late for football practice. Jesse is unhappy and pleads Nicco to stay for one more take, but she insists she must go. When Jesse asks if she could try again tomorrow, she says she has maths tutoring then. Dejected, Jesse turns off the camera.

In the present day, Jesse awakens in the school laboratory, to the sound of Luke and Heath talking about their food rations, while Nicco is kicking a soccer ball against the hallway wall. Heath tells Luke that if he wanted food he could go to the store himself, unless he was chicken. But Luke dismissed this by saying no one even ate the food he was suggesting.

Luke notices Jesse getting up and greets him. He asks if Jesse would like some breakfast, but he declines. Jesse then heads out of the room, before Luke stops him and asks where he's going. Jesse states he's going to the toilet, sarcastically asking if he needs a note for that. Heath explains that Luke thinks going out is dangerous, teasing him about his fear of aliens. Though Luke brings up the weird events they saw yesterday, and states that if Heath knew anything about alien abductions he would be able to see the signs. Jesse asks if that was why Nicco was in the hall, to which Heath affirms it was because Luke was being scared. Jesse then points out that Heath was scared too. Having had enough, he states regardless of whether or not there were aliens, he had to go the the toilet.


  • Jesse is revealed to have diabetes.
  • Jesse and Nicco are revealed to be close friends with each other, prior to the series.



  • Kamil references Doctor Who while explaining alternate realities.
  • Heath compares Nicco's actions to Survivor where they vote someone out.


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