Andy levitating water

Andy Lau using his water powers.

Water is the elemental power formerly used by Andy Lau in the Real World, and additionally used by Ellen O'Donnell.

In the Nowhere Boys gathered by Ben Ripley years later, the power was used by Jesse Banda.


Andy Lau discovers that he has this power. After returning from the Alternate World (which Felix's spell ultimately sent them to), he learns that he has water powers, being able to "control" any water around him, whether it's from a tap, or an esky. His thrive for power ultimately has him try to make himself stronger (so he can show his crush his new powers), which ends up sending him to Negative Space. Trying to get him back, the boys unwillingly create a Water Demon. Later, it is shown that Saskia Bloom (really a golem created by Alice) also has the element of water. Later, it is revealed that Ellen also has the potential for magic, as well as the element of water. At one stage, using a Binding Spell, Alice took all the boys powers and gave them to her sister, Phoebe Hartley (Real World), who temporarily had the powers of Earth, Water, FireAir and Spirit.


People who are water elements have displayed the following powers:

  • Hydrokinesis - Levitating and reshaping water. Used by Andy, Jesse, and Ellen to generate water for various reasons.
  • Atmokinesis - Controlling weather, including reshaping clouds and controlling storms. Used by Alice and Ellen to generate atmospheric effects from rain to snow and lightning.
  • Cryokinesis - Controlling ice, snow, and being able to freeze things.Used by Alice to freeze objects and trap people in thick lairs of ice.

People with this elementEdit


  • There are more known individuals who possess this power than any other element, with a total of 3 people.
  • Saskia Bloom was originally believed to have this power, but she is later revealed to be earth.
  • Phoebe Hartley (Real World) temporarily gained this power after the use of Alice's Binding Spell.



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