The Water Demon is a minor antagonist in Nowhere Boys Season 2. It is a demon made of water that was summoned by Felix Ferne, using a spell given to him by Alice Hartley. It only appeared in Episode 15.


It initially had the same appearance as Andy Lau after he was turned into water. However, after the revelation of its true identity, it takes on a more demonic appearance with fangs and a larger size.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

It's shown to be capable of moving at high speeds, as it pursued the boys with ease. It was also capable of splitting itself into three copies, after the boys split up, with each copy pursuing one of the boys.


As it took after Andy's appearance, it is shown to be very poor at sport just like Andy is, it wasn't capable of catching the talisman which was being thrown by Jake and Sam while Felix was working on making a spell to get rid of the Water Demon. It can also be dispersed with one of Felix's spells.



  • The water demon was generated by having Joel Lok filmed in front of a green-screen, along with accompanying CGI to give him a watery appearance.