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Viv Lau
Viv Original
Hair colour Black
Occupation Student
Relatives Andy Lau (brother)
Lily (grandmother)
Nicole (mother)
Michael (father)
Friends Ellen O'Donnell (Real World) (mixed)
Mia (Real World) (mixed)
Enemies Sam Conte
Felix Ferne
Jake Riles
Magic potential Yes
Element Fire
Alternate counterpart Viv Lau (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Michelle Gerster

Vivian "Viv" Lau is a character in Nowhere Boys. She is the older sister of Andy Lau. Although she initially has no powers, she is granted magic by Tegan in Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows, with her elemental power being fire. She is portrayed by Michelle Gerster.


Viv gets along with Andy, although she also makes fun of him behind his back for being a nerd. When she has her mind set on something she will be very stubborn in pursuing it, against the advice of everyone around her.


Season 1Edit

Viv is seen with the Lau family at the family restaurant when they hold a celebratory dinner for Andy's return.

Season 2Edit

Viv is at first glad when Andy returns, but becomes deeply concerned when Andy disappears again. She finds Jake and Sam in Andy's room and accuses them of breaking in. They try to explain themselves, but she screams in order to attract the attention of her parents.

Soon after Viv begins her own investigation into what happened to Andy. She enters into his computer, after guessing his password, which is the "golden ratio" and discovers he's been visiting websites featuring magic control.

Having linked Andy's disappearance to a supernatural cause, Viv recruits Mia and Ellen to help her investigate. Viv suspects the other boys may also be connected to the "magic", and asks her friends to check if their boyfriends had any involvement in the magic.


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