• Oscarisnotonfire

    Season 3

    April 20, 2015 by Oscarisnotonfire

    Alright, I have decided to make this blog. It's for ideas of what may happen in Season 3. There are so much opportunities, please leave a comment below of what should happen! I would love a Season 3!

    So the current cliffhangers are.....

    • Felix soon to be stuck in Negative Space
    • The news reporters knowing about magic, and Roland's secret

    And things that need explaining are...

    • A bit more about Negative Space, and why it's a warehouse.
    • Witch Lady
    • Saskia
    • Alice
    • A bit more in depth about the Restoring Demon Andy and that junk.

    I also think that.....

    • Saskia needs to make a return, maybe fights Alice or something?
    • Sam and Mia should shift over to a focus, maybe causing a love triangle with Lochlan.
    • The news reporters go evil.
    • Roland's Job, and why he is homeless…
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  • Oscarisnotonfire

    Favourite Character

    February 16, 2015 by Oscarisnotonfire

    Hey there, Oskiemaxi here.

    This is a blog where you can talk about your favourite characters. Of course, you can just chat about what ever Nowhere Boys related.

    Please reply!

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