Felix casting the Unmaking Spell.

This article is about the spell. For the song, see Walk Upon This Earth Again.

An Unmaking Spell is a difficult magical spell found in Alice Hartley's Book of Shadows. It was also used by Felix Ferne in an attempt to get his brother Oscar walking out of his wheelchair. However, it went wrong and sent him, Andy Lau, Sam Conte, and Jake Riles to an Alternate World where they never existed. Felix later reworked the spell so that he and the Nowhere Boys were able travel between universes.


The original incantation used by Felix:
"Water, Fire, Earth, Air. Water, Fire, Earth, Air. Elements that we all share. Water wash our sins away. Earth guide us to a place. Wind brings with it fear. Flames of Fire we must face. Walk upon this Earth again, walk up we can be. Take the fire make it burn, take the air and make it turn. Take this water and this earth, and to another world call us forth. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Earth, Water, Fire, Air."


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