"The unique thing about Nowhere Boys as a series is that it constantly re-invents itself. Series one was about an alternative universe, Series two was about the space in between universes, and in Series three we meet a whole new bunch of heroes who find themselves trapped in a totally empty world. We are proud to introduce a brand new cast which reflects a diverse and truthful portrait of Australia today. As ever, the series is fun, spooky, magical and mysterious."
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Two Moons Rising, stylised as Nowhere Boys: Two Moons Rising, is the third season of Nowhere Boys. It aired in 2016 beginning on November 11, on ABC Me. The 13-part series was said to dive deeper into the existing Nowhere Boys world mythology.[1]

Set at least three years after The Book of Shadows,[2] the season introduced five new Nowhere Boys: Luke Hamill, Heath Buckland, Jesse Banda, Nicco Pandelis and Ben Ripley, who were officially announced on May 5, 2016,[3] portrayed by Kamil Ellis, Joe Klocek, Jordie Race-Coldrey, Luca Sardelis and William McKenna, respectively.[3][4] Filming ended on July 24, 2016. A preview of the second episode of Two Moons Rising was shown on ABC Me on August 19, which was a short scene, and a trailer was later aired on ABC Me at 9am on October 16, 2016.

The series premiered with "The New Boy," the first episode of the season, which aired on November 11, 2016, on ABC Me, directly followed by "What Happened to Bremin?". Two Moons Rising later aired on the Family Channel in Canada.

It is followed by a fourth and final season, which first aired on December 3, 2018.

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When tech-nerd and sci-fi fanatic Luke (Kamil Ellis), arrives for his first day at Bremin High, all appears to be tiresomely ordinary, but what he doesn’t know is that school loner Ben (William McKenna) has been awaiting his arrival to put together a new gang of Nowhere Boys. Three other Nowhere Boys have already been identified; 'bad boy' Heath (Joe Klocek) high achiever and soccer star, Nicco (Luca Sardelis) and musical theatre geek Jesse (Jordie Race-Coldrey).

Coinciding with Luke's arrival, the people of Bremin start disappearing. Doubly peculiar is that, not only are they disappearing, but they're being wiped from everyone's memory and only the Nowhere Boys have noticed! Eventually Luke, Heath, Nicco and Jesse discover they are the last four people in the world. They find themselves thrust together in an eerily empty wasteland, forced to figure out how to save the town.[1]


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"For magic to work, you have to have four elements."
Ben Ripley[src]

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Main article: List of episodes#Two Moons Rising
Episode Image Title Original Airdate
1 The New Boy "The New Boy" November 11, 2016
2 What Happened To Bremin "What Happened to Bremin?" November 11, 2016
3 We Are Not Alone "We Are Not Alone" November 18, 2016
4 The Gang Find Magic "The Gang Find Magic" November 25, 2016
5 Bates to the Rescue "Bates to the Rescue" December 2, 2016
6 Are We Home Yet "Are We Home Yet?" December 9, 2016
7 The Trouble with Ben "The Trouble with Ben" December 16, 2016
8 Back to the Empty World "Back to the Empty World" December 23, 2016
9 The Truth Spell "The Truth Spell" December 30, 2016
10 Unwanted Visitors "Unwanted Visitors" January 6, 2017
11 The Search for Atridax "The Search for Atridax" January 13, 2017
12 Birth Of The Mega Demon "Birth of the Mega Demon" January 20, 2017
13 The Battle for Bremin "The Battle for Bremin" January 27, 2017





  • The subtitle of the season refers to the Mega Demon causing two moons to rise in the sky, before disappearing people.[5]
  • Much like Season 1, the season starts with a scene further into the episode before flashing back to "one day earlier."[6] Additionally like the first season, all the episodes start with a flashback to before the magical events started occurring.
  • Two Moons Rising has many callbacks and references to the adventure of the original Nowhere Boys, particularly in Jesse's musical, Lost in the Forest.
  • The series was nominated for the Most Outstanding Children's Program at the Logie Awards in 2017.[7]


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