Real World Alternate World

Trent Long
Trent Original
Hair colour Brown
Occupation Student
Relatives None
Friends Dylan (Real World),
Jake Riles
Enemies Mike Parker (Real World),
Andy Lau,
Felix Ferne,
Oscar Ferne (Real World)
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Trent Long (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Logan Phillips

Trent Long is a minor character in Nowhere Boys. He is a bully who, with his friends Dylan and Jake, bullies vulnerable students like Mike and Oscar. He is portrayed by Logan Phillips.


Trent is very loyal to Dylan, and aids him in bullying other kids and throwing water bombs. He loves to pick on nerds like Andy and Mike.


Season 2Edit

While Felix and the boys are looking for someone with new magical potential, Felix tries to find Dylan. He asks for Dylan's whereabouts from Trent, who points him in a direction, only for Felix to walk right into a water bomb ambush.