• Hi, I just wanted to tell you about something that I found out while watching the new season. Without writing too many spoilers¬†in Episode 5 of Battle For Negative Space,
    Bryan Bates
    Nicco searches Mr Bates' emails and it says his name is Bryan Bates, not Brian Bates. All this time we thought it was an 'I' but it's a 'Y', because from what I know it's never been written down before on the show, but I could be wrong. I've attached a photo where it says this.

    I just wanted to message you on here to tell you before I or someone changed it and you were confused as to why.

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    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Don't worry too much about spoilers as they'll be on the wiki soon anyway!

      I've noticed this as well, and agghhhh it's frustrating. It's in the subtitles and credits along with this moment.

      I'm quite positive that the subtitles, credits for S1, S2 and the film, and the novel for Season 1, all had it as "Brian," otherwise we wouldn't have assumed. However, in cases like these we should always trust the latest source, so yeah, I will definitely be changing the names to "Bryan" soon as this should be the "correct" spelling. I have a bot that could do it but I'll wait for the right time (probably when BFNS finishes) so that it can be nice and smooth. :)

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