Spirit is an elemental power once utilised by Oscar Ferne. Years later, during the era of the second Nowhere Boys, two versions of Ben Ripley also used the power of spirit.


Oscar discovers that he has this power, as well as magical potential, when he drew a comic book of what happened on the Alternate World. At one stage, using a Binding Spell, Alice took all the boys' powers and gave them to her sister, Phoebe Hartley, who temporarily had the powers of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.

Spirit is often known as the 5th element, as it is different from other elements. It is not needed for all spells, however it is highly beneficial for a person of Spirit potential to be nearby, to boost its effects or increase its chance of working correctly. It seems that if a spell is cast, the person which it is meant to affect gets the Spirit ability. Both versions of the character obtain the ability.


Oscar is able to draw at high speeds after feeling a connection.

  • Precognition: The ability to know about things happening elsewhere. Oscar used this to draw sketches of occurring events. Tegan also used the spirit form of Chaos to see threats against her.
  • Visions: The tendency to receive psychic visions. Both Bens used this to see events that were yet to happen. The Real world Ben could get cryptic dreams that had hidden meaning.

People with this elementEdit