"I know this place."
"Let me guess - it's a make-out spot."
"You guess good. Although the last time I was here it was totally abandoned."
Heath and Niccolina[src]
Luke at the shack

Luke Hamill approaching the shack in the Empty World.

The Shack,[1] also known as the Hideout,[2] is a small shed-like structure that the Bremin Four took refuge in during their time trapped in the Alternate World. The shack also existed in the Real World.

Years later, Heath Buckland, Luke Hamill, Nicco Pandelis and Jesse Banda visited the Hideout where they discovered it to be a massive camp site in the Empty World.[3]


It is mainly made of corrugated metal sheets, old cloths for curtains, and wood. Inside there is furniture including a table, and some makeshift chairs.


Makeshift homeEdit

After the Nowhere Boys entered the Alternate World and discovered their families no longer remembered them, Sam Conte suggested that they use the Hideout which he and his brothers had used prior, on the outskirts of Bremin Ranges National Park. They resided there for much of their time in this world.

Temporary baseEdit

After returning to the Real World, the boys went to search for the shack, and discovered that it exists in their universe as well. They continued to use the shack as a meeting place, and travelled their to practice their new-found powers.

After Andy Lau went missing, the boys returned to the Alternate World and journeyed to the shack in an effort to see see if he was there. They discover some crows feet and assume Andy left it there, but later find out that his Nainai was the one who put it it there as an offering to the "ghost boy."

When Cop Gary accidentally was sent to the Real World, Jake Riles forced him to stay in the shack until they could find a way to send him back. While there, he helped to work on the shack and reinforced its exterior.

Empty WorldEdit