Scrying Pool

Alice gazing into her scrying pool.

A scrying pool is a device capable of seeing elsewhere when filled with water. In the words of Heath Buckland, it's the "magic equivalent of Google". A scrying pool can be worked using a revelation spell.

Known scrying poolsEdit

Alice Hartley's Scrying PoolEdit

Alice Hartley owns a metal plate that serves as her scrying pool.

The scrying pool was used when Alice was watching Andy Lau, while he cast a spell and got sucked up by a vortex.

When the gang went to Bremin High School to find a ley line intersection, Alice mentioned that the scrying pool informed her of the second talisman being at that location, and adding that "the scrying pool never lies".

It was later used by Felix Ferne.[1]

Other scrying poolsEdit

The Nowhere Gang uses a scrying pool to track down the Atridax.[2]