"...but the school bus runs every day!"
Andy figuring out how to wake himself up from their "dream".

The Bremin High School Bus is the bus that drives students of Bremin High to their school every day, morning and afternoon. Ellen, in both the Real World and the Alternate World, does not catch the bus,[1] and in the case of the Real World, she walks to school with Felix Ferne, but in the Alternate World she walks alone, often listening to music. Sam Conte doesn't travel on the bus either,[1] as he gets dropped off by his mother. It is unknown about Jake Riles or Andy Lau.


Alternate WorldEdit

Andy Lau makes a theory that they are really just unconscious and dreaming (although this is proven false), and decides to test "waking themselves up" on the train, until Jake reminds him that it hasn't ran in years, so he figures out that the bus is running (at that exact moment), and goes over to it. Instead of getting hit by it himself, he decided to save Ellen from getting hit by it instead, which makes her fall in love with him instead. For this "inspirational" act, he earns a reputation at school, especially from Mike, much to the dismay of Sam.