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Saskia Bloom
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Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Brown
Occupation Student, Golem
Relatives Alice Hartley (Real World) (creator)
Friends Jake Riles (love interest)
Enemies Alice Hartley (Real World)
Magic potential Yes
Element Earth
Alternate counterpart None
First appearance Episode 17
Last appearance Episode 21
Portrayed by Phoebe Roberts

Saskia Bloom is a supporting character who appeared in the second season of Nowhere Boys. It was believed that her elemental power was Water, but later revealed to be Earth.


On the surface Saskia is fairly nice to others, especially to Jake who she develops feelings for.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Although Saskia's element is stated to be earth, she is never shown using her powers before. The only time she did anything remotely earth related is when she left dust on Jake's sleeve.

In her first appearance, Saskia seemingly halted a water balloon in midair, most likely due to Alice's influence.


Season 2Edit

Golem Saskia

Saskia's true form.

Saskia is introduced as a new student at Bremin High School, who Jake Riles develops a crush on. She is later revealed to possess magic abilities and was initially believed to be a water element, as she halted a water bomb in mid-air. However, when the boys attempt a Tracking Spell using her, Jake begins to turn to stone, and she is revealed to be an earth element.

She continues to tag along with the boys as an unofficial member of their team, until Felix discovers the talisman has gone and suspects her of taking it. Jake refuses to believe this, but the other boys force him to find her and verify this. He meets up with Saskia and informs her she's under suspicion, which she acts disbelievingly. However he doesn't ask whether or not she took it. After Saskia disappears, the boys try to track her down, but find her |address in school records is a fake. The more the boys try to find out about Saskia, the more they lose trust in her, despite Jake's stubborn attempts to defend her. As the gang are discussing Saskia, Sam suggests the possibility that Saskia is from another universe, which would explain many of her lies. Oscar then uses his power to track Saskia, from the dust she left on Jake's sleeve. The boys arrive at Saskia's location, to see her with Alice and she was indeed handing the talisman over.

Later she is revealed to be a golem created by Alice Hartley.


  • She is the second creation made by Alice Hartley, in an attempt to acquire the talisman and defeat the Nowhere Boys. The first was the Water Demon.
  • Despite her elemental power of Earth, she is seen controlling a water balloon in mid-air, though this may have been because Alice was nearby.


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