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Sarah Riles
Hair colour Blonde
Age 32-34
Occupation Fish and Chips Shop Clerk
Relatives Jake (son)
Gary (ex-husband)
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Sarah Bates
Portrayed by Libby Tanner

Sarah Riles is a recurring character in Nowhere Boys. She exists in the Real World, is the mother of Jake Riles, and is the ex-wife of Gary Riles. She is portrayed by Libby Tanner.


As Jake's mother, she deeply cares for him. Although she is happy living with Jake, she is not as joyous as she is in the Alternate World, due to having such a useless husband.


Season 1Edit

Before the boys set off for their bush walk, Sarah was Jake's mother, ex-wife of Gary Riles. She was employed at Scaly Jim's fish and chip shop, where she regularly worked extra shift's in order to eventually save up enough to buy a better house and a car.

Jake's returnEdit

After Jake returns, he discovers his mother has become interested in this universe's Brian Bates as well. Sarah arranges for her and Jake to have dinner at Brian's house, which Jake is not pleased about. As Sarah and Brian prepare dinner, trying to get Jake interested, Jake becomes ill and she is forced to take him home.

Later on, after Cop Gary is accidentally transported to the Real World, he goes to the party and meets Sarah. She is surprised to find Gary acting so differently to his usual self, but takes a liking to it and happily chats with him.


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