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Sarah Bates
Hair colour Blonde
Age 32-34
Occupation Real Estate Agent
Relatives Brian Bates
Gary Riles
Friends None
Enemies None
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Sarah Riles
Portrayed by Libby Tanner

Sarah Bates is a recurring character in Nowhere Boys, who exists in the Alternate World. She is married to Brian Bates, with no children. She is also the ex-girlfriend of Gary Riles. She is portrayed by Libby Tanner.


Much the same as her other self (Sarah Riles); she is kind and compassionate when it comes to her son, even though she does not know who he is. However, her time as an estate agent has given her an edge that she lacked in the other world.


Sarah Bates did go out with Gary Riles in college but they never had Jake and so had nothing to keep them together. Sarah married Brian Bates, schoolteacher at Bremin High in both Universes, and became a successful business woman in her own right in her career as an estate agent.


  • She is so far the only Alternate World characters who's name is different from her Real World counterpart. This is due to her marrying Brian Bates.
  • Based on Gary's statement, Sarah has a love of pop music.

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