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Sammy Conte
Sammy Conte pushing Sam Conte
Hair colour Black
Occupation Student
Relatives Pete Conte
Friends Dylan (Alternate World)
Trent Long (Alternate World)
Mia (Alternate World) (Ex-girlfriend)
Enemies Sam Conte
Magic potential No
Alternate counterpart Sam Conte
Portrayed by Jesse Williams

Sammy Conte is a character in Nowhere Boys who exists in the Alternate World. He is Sam Conte's "replacement" after Sam was transported to the Alternate World. He is the ex-boyfriend of Mia and wants to keep Sam away from her. He is portrayed by Jesse Williams.


Many characters have noticed the similarities between Sam and Sammy, even though Sam denies this. Much like Sam, Sammy is the school's golden boy and is popular, as well as a skater.


Season 1Edit

Sammy is first introduced as Mia's boyfriend in the Alternate World. He finds Sam trying to make Mia remember who he is, and tells Sam to leave her alone. Sam and Sammy get into a dispute, and argue over who's who. Sammy then spots Sam with his skateboard, to which Sam promptly runs off.


  • Sammy is the only known Alternate World inhabitant who doesn't have an Real World counterpart. This is because he never existed in the Real World, as he was the son that Sam's parents never had.
  • A common misconception is that Sammy is the alternate counterpart to Sam Conte. This is incorrect, as they are entirely different people. They have similar, but different names, and do not cancel each other out when touched.
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