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Roland Murphy
Alternate Roland
Hair colour Brown
Occupation Homeless man
Alternate counterpart Roland Murphy (Real World)
Portrayed by Jim Russell

Roland Murphy is a recurring character in Nowhere Boys, and the Alternate World counterpart of Roland. He is portrayed by Jim Russell.


This Roland is a homeless, wild man who lives in the Bremin forest all by himself. He is much kinder than his Real World counterpart. He is deemed crazy, which he even admits to himself, and is one of the few who believes the boys about their story of traveling between universe. Roland has a habit of scaring others, albeit unintentionally, which the boys appraise his ability as part of a running gag. All in all, he remains as one of the boys' allies in the Alternate World, often providing them aid such as driving them back to Bremin.


Season 1Edit

In the final confrontation with the Restoring Demon, Felix runs into Roland at his camp while being pursued by the possessed Bates, Oscar, and Gary. Felix contemplates turning himself over, but Roland holds him back and persuades him to do otherwise, saying "there's weird like me, and there's plain stupid like you". With Roland's encouragement, Felix comes up with a plan to defeat the demon.

Season 2Edit

Roland briefly appears when the gang returns to the Alternate World to look for Andy. Ellen runs into him and is terrified to see the detective dressed as a wild, homeless man. Felix and Sam happily greet their friend and explain their predicament to him


  • The reason Roland is easily convinced of the boys' stories, and his general crazy appearance, is because he has experienced a similar phenomena before.