(I changed the incorrect spell to the correct one from “Elements that speak as one, return their voice, their work undone.” To “Elements that speak as one, recant their voice, their will undone.”)
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"''Elements that speak as one''<br>"''Return the voice''<br>"''Their work undone''"<ref name="The Truth Spell"/>
"''Elements that speak as one''<br>"''Recant the voice''<br>"''Their will undone''"<ref name="The Truth Spell"/>

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The reversal spell is a spell used to reverse recent magic. It was given to the Nowhere Gang by Miss O'Donnell, and requires a person to sacrifice something of value to themselves by destroying it while reciting the spell.[1]


"Elements that speak as one
"Recant the voice
"Their will undone"[1]


  • Heath uses the spell as instructed by Miss O'Donnell, to reverse the truth spell the Nowhere Gang accidentally cast on themselves. He sacrifices his favourite book which he uses as a lucky charm.[1]



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