Repelling Spell

Felix casting the Repelling Spell.

The Repelling Spell is a spell that is capable of repelling the Restoring Demon, or to cleanse anyone it has possessed. The spell requires the Talisman to be used. It is first used in Season 1, when Felix activates the Talisman. In Season 2 it appears to be less effective, and immediately wears off when Felix casts it on the possessed netball team.


There were many different variants of this spell in both seasons. Below are all the versions Felix has used so far.

  • "Divinity of the elements, I summon thee. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Within this stone, I invoke thee place. Your greatest strength, your kindest grace. And while this stone remains at hand, thou shall be safe throughout this land." -The spell Felix used when repelling the bees, and activating the Talisman.
  • "Divinity of the elements, I summon thee. Earth, Water, Air, Fire. I invoke thee." -The version used when Felix uses the Talisman to cleanse the crows and erase the security footage. This is also used when Felix shows the Talisman to Oscar (and also cleanses Nai Nai).
  • "Divinity of the elements, I summon thee. Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Aide at my quest, I call you forth." -Felix cleansing the dogs at Bremin High School.
  • "Divinity of the elements, I summon thee. Earth...Water...Air...Fire! Earth, Water, Air, Fire!" -Felix using the spell against Roland in the forest.
  • "Divinity of the elements, I summon thee. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Elements that we all share." -The latest version used against the netball team.


  • Felix uses it to repel possessed bees, and to activate them.
  • Felix uses it to cleanse the possessed crows that are attacking them.
  • Felix uses it to erase the security footage of the boys in the school.
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