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Phoebe Hartley is a the owner of Arcane Lane, a magic shop in Bremin, and the sister of Alice Hartley, who went missing to Negative Space in 2003.


Unlike her alternate counterpart, amidst running a magic shop, and garnered a hatred towards it. She is much more colder than her counterpart, and did not get along very well with the Nowhere Boys, and, in the words of the alternate Phoebe, she lacks her "maternal instinct." She wishes for a normal life with her sister, Alice Hartley, and continued to urge her to give up on magic.


Felix Ferne shoppingEdit

One day when Felix Ferne arrived, looking for a spell to help his brother, Phoebe warned him "We don't have any vampire books." Felix snuck into the sealed section of the store, and had a look through her Book of Shadows before he was spotted. Phoebe hurriedly sent him out, threatening him with a voodoo doll.

Alice's returnEdit

Shortly after the Nowhere Boys' return from an Alternate World, Phoebe discovered her sister Alice on her porch, having returned after being missing in Negative Space for ten years. She catered for her sister carefully, but also remained immensely protective by trying to forbid her into going back to magic.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Phoebe initially possessed no magical powers, but is extremely knowledgeable in magic and had studied it for many years.

Phoebe briefly gained all of the Nowhere Boys elemental powers, thanks to Alice binding them to her using the Binding Spell. During this state, Phoebe became much more powerful than anyone, but she had trouble controlling her powers. She was able to generate a ball of dancing light that was the combination of several elements acting together.


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