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Phoebe Hartley is the sister of Alice Hartley, a powerful witch who went missing from the Alternate World and sent to Negative Space in 2003. She formerly owned Arcane Lane, a magic store. She comes to the boys rescue almost every time.


Phoebe is very kind and caring, and describes herself as being more maternal than her Real World counterpart. She is a strong believer in magic, and frequently comes to the boys aid. She eventually discovered that her sister, Alice Hartley, was in fact the Restoring Demon, acting as a Guardian. Phoebe originally states that she "doesn't do maternal and doesn't do breakfast" but later states that she is a caring sharing maternal figure.


Early lifeEdit

In 2003, Phoebe and her sister Alice attended a party. When they returned home, they discovered a house fire, and their parents dead. Alice firmly believed that the fire was set on purpose, due to her father's position as a banker, and subsequently cast an Unmaking Spell in an attempt to undo the accident.[1] However, she was consequently sent to the Negative Space between worlds, haunting Phoebe.[2]

Strange boysEdit

In 2013, Felix Ferne cast a spell which sent him and three other boys from the Real World to the Alternate World. Felix quickly realised Phoebe's potential to help them with her magic shop.

Felix's returnEdit

Weeks later, Phoebe was packing up her magic shop items, when the Nowhere Boys returned to the world to search for Andy Lau, who had cast a spell and gone missing. She greeted Felix and was happy to help the boys look for Andy, continuing to provide them with transport, however, she didn't get along well with Ellen.[3]

Along with the gang, Phoebe witnessed the Bremin High School netball team get possessed by the Restoring Demon and begin to pursue the boys. As Felix and the others prepared to return to the Real World, Phoebe plead with Felix to have him honor their pact and find her sister. Felix began to explain that there wasn't much time as the netballers began to advance on them. Phoebe herself was then possessed by the demon, and attempted to steal Felix's talisman. Sargent Riles arrived at the scene and separated the two, pushing the possessed Phoebe to the ground, which gave the boys enough time to escape back to their universe.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Phoebe Hartley is portrayed by Michala Banas throughout the first series of Nowhere Boys. She returned to the role in Season 2.




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