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Oscar "Oscie" Ferne is Felix Ferne's wheelchair-bound younger brother. Before the battle against Tegan, he had the elemental power of spirit, and is the "connection" between two universes: the Real World and the Alternate World.


Oscar loves to draw and has a fondness for science fiction. He deeply loves his brother, and considers him more lucky then his alternate counterpart because of this, despite the fact that he's crippled while the other Oscar can walk.


Excursion dayEdit

Oscar, despite his wishes against, was unable to attend school the day the Year 10s (including Felix) went on an excursion to the Bremin Ranges National Park.

Felix's returnEdit

Oscar was overjoyed to finally be reunited with Felix. During his absence, Oscar created a comic about what he saw in his head when he thought of his brother. Upon seeing the comic, Felix was amazed as everything in the comics actually happened in the Alternate World.

Alice found Oscar, and goads him into accepting an offer to allow him to walk, which involved casting a Binding Spell. While he didn't trust Alice at first, Oscar eventually succumbed to the temptation.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Oscar appeared to have a certain degree of precognition, as he drew a comic of what he imagined happened to Felix and his friends, and it all turned out to be real. He is later shown to be able to track a person after touching one of their possessions, and will gain images in his head, where he can sketch them into his book at high speeds.


  • He is the only magic user who has an element other than one of the four main elements (water, earth, fire, air), instead having spirit as his power.
    • Excluding Phoebe's attempt to gain this element, he is the only character to have this power in the series.

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