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Oscar Ferne
Alternate Oscar
Hair colour Brown
Age 14-15
Occupation Student
Relatives Cathy Ferne (Alternate World) (Mother)
Ken Ferne (Father)
Friends Felix Ferne
Sam Conte
Andy Lau
Jake Riles
Phoebe Hartley (Alternate World)
Enemies Restoring Demon
Alice Hartley (Alternate World)
Magic potential Yes
Element Spirit
Alternate counterpart Oscar Ferne (Real World)
Portrayed by Sean Rees-Wemyss

Oscar Ferne is a recurring character in Nowhere Boys. He is the Alternate World counterpart of Felix's wheelchair bound younger brother. He is portrayed by Sean Rees-Wemyss.


Although Oscar doesn't really enjoy Felix with him at first, he soon starts to hang out with him. Felix commented that he had never been so welcomed by his family before. After discovering that Felix is his brother from another universe, he is excited to finally have a brother.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Much like the Oscar of the Real World, he also has the power of spirit. The alternate Version isn't seen drawing pictures of where people or things or located, however we know he can as he is the 5th element. (Spirit)


Oscar is a inhabitant of the Alternate World. After Sam, Andy, Felix and Jake appear in the Alternate World, Felix follows him, much to Oscar's annoyance, as he doesn't know who Felix is.

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