The Nowhere Boys soundtrack is a 44-minute original soundtrack created for the 2013 TV series Nowhere Boys. Exclusively for Season 1, the soundtrack has 25 tracks which appear in the show.

Only one track, the Nowhere Boys Theme, appears in all three seasons.


  1. Walk Upon This Earth Again
  2. Nowhere Boys Theme
  3. When Demons Attack
  4. Chased Chased Remix (Josephine Petrina Remix)
  5. The Witch Amongst Us (Cornel Wilczek Remix)
  6. The Witch Amongst Us
  7. Mission at School
  8. Possession in the Forest
  9. Sam and Mia
  10. Happy Endings?
  11. Andy Saves the Day
  12. Demons vs Boys
  13. Lost and Lonesome
  14. Surrounded by Evil
  15. Attacked by Bees (James Cecil Remix)
  16. Lily's (Mark Mitchell Remix)
  17. Lily's
  18. End Action (Josephine Petrina Remix)
  19. Happy Travels
  20. Trashing
  21. Investigate
  22. Girl Problems
  23. The Long Walk Home
  24. Mystery Theme (Cornel Wilczek Remix)
  25. Walk Upon This Earth Again - Full Version

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