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"Nowhere Boys has gone from strength to strength, capturing the imagination of young Australians and audiences around the world with each series, and picking up a slew of awards on the way. I'm thrilled that ABC, along with Matchbox Pictures, is continuing the program's journey with this third instalment [sic]."
―Richard Finlayson, Director of Television at ABC[src]

Nowhere Boys is a teen-orientated television show created by Tony Ayers about 4 boys, named Felix, AndySam, and Jake, that disappeared during an excursion. The first episode was first aired on ABC3 on November 7, 2013, and soon went on to be an award-winning program. Because of this, it had been renewed for a second season and started airing the second series on November 23, 2014. After an even better result from critics, a third season was produced,[1] along with a film titled Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows.

With 42 episodes from four seasons,[2] a film, a video game and a novelisation, the Nowhere Boys universe continues to expand greatly.


Season 1Edit

Four extremely different but unique teenage boys, along with the rest of their grade, were sent to Bremin National Park on an excursion. However, after losing their map, getting lost, falling down a cliff, being chased by a twister, and sleeping an unpleasant rainy night under a tree, Felix, Jake, Andy and Sam manage to survive. They expect a hero status, but are very surprised when they are treated as intruders. The Bremin the 4 boys return to is identical to theirs, except that it seems like they were never born, and so the world has reconfigured itself.

Andy tries to prove there is a scientific explanation for all this, but saves Felix's girlfriend's life, Felix's brother is no longer disabled and believes something magical is going on, Sam has been replaced with a clone called Sammy and they form a severe rivalry, and Jake's parents now are successful in their jobs, and are leading much different lives in his absence.

When Felix comes into possession of an elemental talisman through the local magic shop owner Phoebe, they use it to ward off a restoring demon that is trying to kill them. However, as the demon grows more powerful, it gains the power to possess both humans and animals. The boys are forced to work together to protect themselves against the demon. Many strange events happen to them, including get caught by police and having to go through the excursion again, only for their hopes of getting home to fade away.

Andy later finds out that Felix is the reason they are in the parallel universe. Felix discovers that his brother Oscar is the fifth element; the missing ingredient needed to bring the boys home. At the end of series one, they fight off a furious tornado (the spirit of Phoebe's sister Alice who is the demon) by saying Felix's unmaking spell together, which takes the boys back to their world. But things aren’t over just yet......

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The Book of ShadowsEdit

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Nowhere Boys received generally positive reviews. It has won an extreme amount of awards, including the Logie Awards under the Most Outstanding Children's Program twice, once in 2014 and again in 2015.


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2014 AACTA Awards AACTA Award for Best Children’s Television Series[4] Nowhere Boys Won
Best Original Music Score in Television[5] Series 1, Episode 1 Nominated
Logie Awards of 2014 Most Outstanding Children's Program[6] Nowhere Boys Won
Australian Director's Guild Awards Best Direction in a Children's TV Program[7] Peter Carstairs for Series 1, Episode 7 Nominated
Craig Irvin for Series 1, Episode 8 Nominated
Prix Jeunesse 12–15 Fiction/Non-Fiction[8] Nowhere Boys Nominated
International Youth Jury Prize[9] Won
Banff World Media Festival Youth Fiction[10] Nowhere Boys Nominated
AWGIE Awards Children's Television[11] Craig Irvin for Series 1, Episode 3 Won
Screen Producers Australia Awards Children's Television Production of the Year[12] Nowhere Boys Won
Interactive Production of the Year[13] Nowhere Boys: The 5th Boy Nominated
TV Tonight Awards Best Kid's Show[14] Nowhere Boys Won
International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Best Series[15] Nowhere Boys Nominated
2015 Kidscreen Awards Best New Series – Tweens/Teens category[16] Nowhere Boys Won
iKids Awards Best Website[17] Nowhere Boys: The 5th Boy Won
Logie Awards of 2015 Most Outstanding Children's Program[18] Nowhere Boys Won
Australian Director's Guild Awards Best Direction in a Children's TV Program[19][20] Peter Salmon for Series 2, Episode 1 Nominated
Craig Irvin for Series 2, Episode 7 Won
Banff World Media Festival Rockie Awards Youth Fiction[21] Nowhere Boys Won


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