"We are stepping up to a whole new level of excitement, action and drama in the feature length version of Nowhere Boys. It's very exciting to have a director with the experience and talent of David Caesar leading the creative team on this new adventure."
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Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows is a 2016 feature length spinoff film following on from Season 2 of the Nowhere Boys TV series. Screen Australia funded the project, which was written by Tony Ayres, Rhys Graham and Craig Irvin, while being directed by David Caesar and produced by Matchbox Pictures.

The film is approximately 100 minutes in length, and screened in select theaters from January 1, 2016.[1] It is followed by Two Moons Rising, the third season and a soft reboot of Nowhere Boys.


On the verge of separating, the Nowhere Boys are drawn together for one last spell when Felix discovers a magically sealed 'Book of Shadows'. Unwittingly this releases a powerful force of chaos, and the gang is reluctantly drawn into a showdown that threatens their world and all they love…


Oscar, using his Spirit power, recalls the story of the "Nowhere Boys," four boys who, due to magic, went missing into an Alternate World.

A year after their original adventures, the group has split up. Felix Ferne, along with his brother Oscar and friend Ellen, search their lair for new spells or clues. Andy tries to prove the existence of magic and wormholes while his sister Viv assists him. Jake continues to play football and attempts to get a scholarship outside of Bremin, while Sam tries to become popular around town for his skateboarding.

In the lair, Felix finds hidden an ancient Book of Shadows; the book is magically sealed.

As a result of this Felix and Andy who require the other two’s assistant to open the book send both the boys a message about a demon attack which instantly persuades them but when Jake and Sam finally arrive they are immediately disappointed with why Felix had called them in the first place even after the latter explained that the book could really help them discover who made the lair.

After using a spell to unlock the book, a dematerialising demon is summoned and threatens to attack the four who easily overpower it with the help of the talisman, but to make matters even worse the four split the talisman into four shards so they can do magic individually but after nightfall in the forest a chaos symbol gets imbedded in the ground which summons the force of chaos in the form of Tegan ( Angourie Rice ).



  • The film was originally titled Nowhere Boys: Rise of the Bear.
  • This film had a limited release subsequently to January 1, 2016.
    • The film opened exclusively with an introduction from the cast, who thanked the fans for going to see the movie theatrically.
  • It debuted on TV on ABC3 on March 6, 2016.


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  • The film has been previously titled Nowhere Boys: Rise of the Bear and Nowhere Boys: Chaos Rising.


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