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"Um, they ate berries and washed in the river - there's no mystery."
"Finally! Someone who's not an idiot!"
Ben Ripley and Brooklyn Wansbrough[src]

The Nowhere Boys,[1] also referred to as the Bremin Four[2] or the Nowhere Gang,[3] are a group of boys and girls formerly based in the Real World.

The name initially referred to the four original boys Felix, Andy, Sam, and Jake who were accidentally transported to an Alternate World.[4] However, the term expanded to include additional members and three years later started with a new group with a new adventure.[5]

Original group

Founding members

"Felix Ferne – one of the Bremin Four. It's them, the kids that went missing! Sam Conte, Jake Riles, Andy Lau."
Jesse Banda[src]
  • Felix Ferne – A goth who is also a witch, and the strongest in magic of the four. His elemental power was Fire.
  • Andy Lau – The brainy and nerdy member of the group. His elemental power was Water.
  • Sam Conte – The good-natured slacker in the group. His elemental power was Air.
  • Jake Riles – The jock and bully of the group. His elemental power was Earth.
  • Oscar Ferne – Felix's younger brother, and the Spirit of the team. He was handicapped in an accident whilst climbing a tree. He's also a geek much like Andy.

Additional members

  • Ellen O'Donnell – A goth, and Felix's girlfriend. She replaced Andy as their water element to continue to help the boys in an attempt to find him.
  • Saskia Bloom – Jake's significant other, and a golem created by Alice. When Andy went missing, she replaced him briefly as their perceived Water element,, although she was actually Earth. Throughout her time affiliated with the gang, she had no real ties to any of the group apart from Jake, as her true goal was to steal the talisman.


  • Phoebe Hartley – The boys' primary help in the Alternate World, providing them with a source of transport and whenever they needed an adult.
  • Roland Murphy – A seemingly homeless man stuck in the Bremin Ranges National Park who often helped the boys from his camp.
    • The so-called "5th Boy" — son of Roland — was sometimes considered to be an ally of the boys, often helping their mission in the Alternate World by transferring objects through tears.[6]
  • Roland Murphy – Formerly the boys' enemy, who repeatedly attempted to discover the truth. After a spell went awry, he finally discovered the truth about magic and Andy's disappearance, deciding to help the boys out.

New group

"No-one remembers Brooklyn, Peta or Bates. It just doesn't make sense that we still do."
"Really? That's what doesn't make sense to you?"
"Alright, I've got it. Maybe we're immune somehow. What do we have in common?"
―Luke Hamill and the other Nowhere Boys[src]

Three years after the boys' major battle against Tegan, Ben Ripley, a loner at Bremin High School, began to search for a new group of the four major elements, simlar to the Nowhere Boys, in order to cast his own magic using their potential.[5] The group contains the following members:

The four of them were transported to an Empty World, eerily similar to the Real World's Bremin, shortly after the disappearance of Brian Bates, Brooklyn Wansbrough and Peta Chen,[5] due to the combination of their magical strength.[7]

Additional members

  • Ben Ripley – a strong magic-user from the Empty World, Ben assisted the new Nowhere Gang in ensuring that their world wouldn't suffer the same fate as his did.[8][9]


  • Miss O'Donnell – A school friend of witch Felix Ferne and knowledgeable of the original Bremin Four's adventures, Miss O'Donnell constantly assisted the new Nowhere Gang with magical spells and information on creatures such as the Atridax and the Mega Demon.[10]