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Nicole Lau
Hair colour Black
Relatives Andy (son)
Michael (husband)
Lily (mother-in-law)
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Nicole Lau (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Pearl Tam

Nicole Lau is a minor character in Nowhere Boys. She is the mother of Andy Lau and Viv Lau, as well as wife of Michael Lau. She is portrayed by Pearl Tam.




Bremin Four incidentEdit

When Andy and the rest of the Bremin Four disappeared, due to being transported to a parallel unvierse, Nicole was among the worried parents her son.

Brief reunion with AndyEdit


Andy's second disappearanceEdit

Nicole was very concerned when her son disappeared for a second time, and joined the rest of the Laus in seeking information on Andy's whereabouts.


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