Andy in the Portal Room

Andy looking at the multiverse portals.

"The multiverse existed long before me, and it will long after."
Bear to Phoebe Hartley[src]

The multiverse is an infinite realm that consists of every single universe that could possibly exist, partially due to quantum mechanics. Among these infinite universes are the Real World, the Alternate World and the Empty World, with Negative Space in between them.

In 2018, the multiverse was imbalanced by the Entity, a powerful being that resided in Negative Space.


  • If anyone from any world travels to a different universe, a Restoring Demon will be created, and someone in Negative Space is chosen to restore order throughout the multiverse at that time.



Universes across the multiverse
Major Alternate World ~ Empty World ~ Real World
Minor Multiverse ~ Negative Space
Non-canon Demon Bates World ~ Cop Sarah World