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Mike Parker, also known as Mikey,[1] is a student at Bremin High School, and, much like Andy Lau, is a massive nerd. Often bullied by Jake Riles, he is a shy but hardworking student at the school.


Mike is known to be a massive nerd, much like Andy, with Felix describing him as having "a similar level of intelligence". He is very passionate about science, especially natural science, and if he starts talking about he can rant on incessantly. His nerdiness also causes him to often bullied, especially by Jake Riles. Being physically weak and timid, Mike runs away from his bullies.


Being bulliedEdit

Prior to the Nowhere Boys incident, Mike was often bullied by Jake Riles and his friends Trent Long and Dylan. Jake would go on daily bullying rituals which included stealing his lunch.

On the day of the excursion, he sat next to Andy Lau on the bus trip to Bremin Ranges National Park, indicating they were good friends. He seemed rather disappointed that Andy wasn't in his hiking group.

Return of the Nowhere BoysEdit

Mike was present at the welcome home party where he commented to Andy on how nice the party was.

Mike was later mentioned by Felix when explaining to the boys how he discovered that Jake had magic potential. He explained that he followed Jake and observed one of his "daily bullying rituals" of chasing Mike and stealing his lunch. However, at one stage, Jake was easily able to discover Mike hiding in a bin, which was noted by Felix to not be "just a guess."



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