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Michael Lau
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark Brown
Relatives Andy (son)
Viv (daughter)
Lily (mother)
Nicole (wife)
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Michael Lau (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Anthony Wong

Michael Lau is a minor character in Nowhere Boys. He is the father of Andy Lau and Viv Lau, and is married to Nicole Lau. He is portrayed by Anthony Wong.


He is shown to care deeply about Andy, to the point where he is over protective and annoys his son.


Season 1Edit

Michael joins the other dads of the Nowhere Boys in hiking through the bush in search of their sons. Michael mentions Andy being obsessed with Bear Grylls and would have picked up on some survival skills. After the boys return, Andy reunites with his dad and embraces him.

Season 2Edit

Michael is at first happy that Andy has returned, and tries to comfort him when he returns, much to his son's annoyance. However he becomes gravely concerned when Andy disappears for the second time.