Real World Alternate World

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Hair colour Black
Occupation Student
Friends Sammy Conte (Ex-boyfriend)
Sam Conte
Ellen O'Donnell (Alternate World)
Viv Lau (Alternate World)
Alternate counterpart Mia (Real World)
Portrayed by Tamala Shelton

Mia is a supporting character in Nowhere Boys. She is a student at Bremin High and is the ex-girlfriend of Sammy Conte. She is portrayed by Tamala Shelton.


Mia is fairly similar to her Real World counterpart, being a friend of alternate Ellen. She is also the girlfriend of Sammy Conte, which leads Sam to try win her back.


Season 1Edit


Season 2Edit

While Mia was dancing with alternate Ellen in the latters house, Ellen's original counterpart tried to get in. Shortly after she played netball with her friends, and Felix, Jake, Sam and Ellen visited Bremin High School and Sam spoke to Mia about the original Mia. The restoring demon possessed the whole netball team and Mike Parker (Alternate World).


  • Mia's initials are M.G.
  • Mia is on the netball team, and her position is goal attack.



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