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Magic is tearing the multiverse apart.

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"This is like Star Trek: The Next Generation, season four, episode five. Everyone on the Enterprise disappeared without a trace."
―Luke Hamill[src]

Luke Hamill is a sci-fi fanatic and tech-nerd, and a Restoring Demon present in Negative Space.[4] As a new student at Bremin High, Luke's arrival was anticipated by Ben Ripley who seeked to put together a new group of Nowhere Boys.[1]


Luke is described as a tech-nerd and sci-fi enthusiast.[5]He is best known among his friends for being the sci-fi nerd, and was constantly theorising their unexpected presences in the Empty World as something science-related like from Star Trek or alien invasions.

He is levelheaded most of the time but is shown to lose control of his powers when frustrated or upset.


Prior to the events of Two Moons Rising Luke grew up in the city with his parents, however his family continued to move, making it difficult for him to make friends as he kept changing schools.

Powers and abilities

Luke's magical abilities using the Air Element involve being able to create tornados and the ability to fly.[6]

He was able to suck all the air out of a bus, creating a vacuum and almost suffocating everyone inside.

Luke also displayed the power to absorb the Mega Demon into himself through his mouth.

After a summer of magical training, Luke gained more control over his elemental powers, such as leisurely flipping through a book with gust of wind and levitating feets above ground. Luke was also noted to be the most powerful of the gang by a strange entity possessing Ellen that exibited strong magical skill itself. Zeb also believed him to be a Guardian, destined to keep the multiverse in order.


Behind the scenes

Luke Hamill is portrayed by Kamil Ellis of Bushwhacked! fame, starting in Two Moons Rising, the third series of Nowhere Boys.




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