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Lily Lau
Nainai original
Hair colour Brown (dyed)
Occupation Chinese Restaurant Cook
Relatives Andy Lau (grandson)
Viv Lau (Real World) (granddaughter)
Michael Lau (Real World) (son)
Nicole Lau (Real World) (daughter-in-law)
Magic potential No
Element n/a
Alternate counterpart Lily Lau (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Cecilia Tan

Lily Lau, is the grandmother of Andy Lau and Viv Lau. She is referred to by Andy and other characters as "Nai Nai" (Chinese: 奶奶 pinyin: Nǎinai, Mandarin for "grandmother"). She is a supporting character in Nowhere Boys, and is portrayed by Cecilia Tan.


Nai Nai is very close to Andy, and has cared for him all her life. She is one of the few believers in magic, even prior to the series. In fact her knowledge of the elements is so great that the Nowhere Boys have gone to her for help.


Season 1Edit

Lily is shown to be a caring grandmother to Andy, and almost stops him from going on the excursion to the forest because of his allergies.

Lily joins the Lau family in eating at her restaurant to celebrate Andy's return.

Season 2Edit

She appears with the rest of the Lau family when they welcome Andy home. She is also present when he goes missing for the second time, and makes a television appearance asking for help to look for him.

Later on, after Jake begins to turn into rock, the boys approach her to seek her magic expertise. After seeing Jake she tells them there was "too much earth" and that they needed more water.