Real World Alternate World

Lily Lau
Nainai alternate
Hair colour Black
Occupation Chinese Restaurant Cook
Relatives Viv (granddaughter)
Michael (son)
Nicole (daughter-in-law)
Element n/a
Alternate counterpart Lily Lau (Real World)
Portrayed by Cecilia Tan

Lily Lau, usually referred to as "Nai Nai" (Chinese: 奶奶 pinyin: Nǎinai, Mandarin for "grandmother") by others, is the grandmother of Viv Lau. She is the alternate version of the Real World's Lily Lau, and the mother of Michael.

She is portrayed by Cecilia Tan.


She is nearly identical to her Real World counterpart, also believing in magic and superstition. Also like her counterpart, she is very strict and will not try to sharpen others up. However this version of her believes Andy to be a "ghost boy". She was originally scared of him and wanted nothing to do with him, but eventually accepts his presence.


Season 1Edit

Andy finds a job in Nai Nai's restaurant, and negotiates a wage which includes giving Jake a free meal. At one stage while working, she gets possessed by the demon.

Season 2Edit

She briefly appears when the boys return to the Alternate World looking for Andy. She had been leaving food in the shack for Andy, as offerings to the "ghost boy".