Sam blows Gary down

Sam creates a powerful gust of wind.

Lightning is an elemental power initially used by Alice the Real World. Later, Tegan, a powerful witch acting as Order of the multiverse, gave the Air element to Mia but later removed it from her.

In the Nowhere Boys assembled by Ben Ripley years after this skirmish, Nate Williams was the lightning element.


At one stage, using a Binding Spell, Alice took all the boys powers and gave them to her sister, Phoebe Hartley (Real World), who temporarily had the powers of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.


People who are air elements have displayed the following powers:

  • Electrokinesis - Able to Create, generate, increase, absorb, conduct, shape, and manipulate electricity of various intensities.
  • Atmokinesis - Able to control the weather through manipulation of lightning.

People With This ElementEdit




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