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Hair colour Unknown
Age 15-16
Occupation Student
Relatives None
Friends Mia (Real World) (girlfriend)
Enemies Sam Conte
Magic potential No
Portrayed by Pieter Wyatt

Lachlan is a minor character in Nowhere Boys. He was Mia's boyfriend after she broke up with Sam Conte. He is portrayed by Pieter Wyatt.


Little is known about Lachlan's personality except he's fond of Mia and dislikes Sam. However Sam seems to think Lachlan's a jerk and keeps telling Mia she can do better than that.


Season 2Edit

After Mia breaks up with Sam, after finding him untrustworthy, she begins dating Lachlan.

When Sam switched bodies with Roland, he tells Mia that she can do better than Lachlan.

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