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"Well, look who's here. You got old. A nobody who lost his powers and has nothing to show for it."
"I've got my family."
"Do you?"
―Tegan and Ken[src]

Ken Ferne is a former witch and the father of Felix Ferne, the leader of the previous Nowhere Boys, and his brother Oscar.

In approximately 1984, at the age of 17, Ferne had magical powers and built a secret lair. However, he was later forced to give up the power during an effort to withdraw a powerful form of Chaos: Tegan.




Early lifeEdit

At the age of 17, Ken Ferne attended Bremin High School and had interest in "music, physics, woodwork and Cathy Connor." At this time, Ken had interest and potential for magic, and had built a lair hidden within the woodwork room at the school.[1]

However, a powerful witch named Tegan was transported to the Real World. Ken was forced to use the Spell of Containment to force Tegan out of the world – at the cost of his magical powers.[1]

Ken later married his high school sweetheart Cathy and had two sons: Felix and Oscar.[2]

Disappearance of FelixEdit

In 2013, on the morning of Felix's excursion into the Bremin Ranges National Park (during which he planned to cast an Unmaking Spell) Felix was playing guitar but Ken told him to shut it off. He later joined the family in the kitchen and asked for the car keys to take Oscar to the doctor.[2]

On the day the boys returned from the Alternate World, Ken was searching the forest alongside Mr Bates and Gary Riles.[3]

Chaos rulesEdit

A year later, his childhood enemy Tegan returned to the world, attacking the Nowhere Boys. Ken discovered his son's magical potential and helped him, Oscar, and their friends defeat her finally.[1]



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