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Nicco and Jesse[src]

Jesse Banda is a musical theatre geek, and a Restoring Demon active in Negative Space.[4] His element is water, although he wishes he was fire.[3]


Jesse is a theater geek and "not-so-masculine."[5] He is often dramatic, and acts as if many things are an opportunity to be so.[1] He is generally nice to his friends, and one of the most compassionate members of the group, showing concern for Good Ben especially. He additionally has a tendency to be sarcastic whenever he's annoyed.

Jesse has a passion for the mystery of the original Bremin Four. He is constantly trying to convince the others that what happened to them is related to the disappearance of the original Nowhere Boys.


In 2017, Jesse's parents went overseas, and he lived with his sister, Quinn Banda, who was training to be a fashion designer. He had been best friends with Nicco Pandelis for a very long time at this point.

Powers and abilities

Jesse is a water element. He originally only used the power to turn faucets on and off, but after a summer of magical training he could make water spheres and direct them as high speed projectiles. He used this skill when battling the entity when it was still the Nematodes.





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