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"Cool, magic. Love it!"
―Heath Buckland[src]

Heath Buckland is a Restoring Demon in Negative Space, alongside the Nowhere Gang and Ben Ripley, the Guardian of the multiverse.[3] He was formerly a student at Bremin High School who struggled with his dyslexia. His element is fire.[2]


Heath has light brown hair and brown eyes. He is fit and seemingly a average height compared to the other characters in the Nowhere Boys TV show. Heath has pale skin and is Caucasian Australian. He is almost always seem in jeans (mostly grey) other then a few scenes were he is in basketball shorts. He often has a t-shirt on with some sort of hoodie,jacket, or sweater over it.


Heath is head strong and tough. He can come of as a jerk to others, especially towards Luke (Because of his obsession with sci-fi) however, deep down Heath is shown to be caring and protective of Nicco, Luke, and Jesse. You can see it through many small interactions between the characters. For example, he shows concern when Luke was vengeful for the Megademon taking his parents, and when Jesse was sick because of his high blood sugar, which is interesting since Heath has only been 'friends with Jesse for less then a week. Heath also stood up for Jesse after he was being bullied by kids calling him gay, and encouraging him when he is about to go undercover as the Jesse from the Other World. [1]Heath is also shown to care for Nicco despite also being attracted Heath in many scenes is shown to be very worried when Nicco might be in danger; his worry goes beyond teenage attraction. After Good Ben was taken to the Empty World, Heath was very motivated and persistent to bring him back. Despite his obvious care towards Nicco Heath can also be flirty towards other girls but mostly ends up seeming disrespectful.

Heath's home life isn't the best and that has an impact on his personality. Heath even stated once he wasn't sure his parents wouldn't leave him behind.[2] He is sensitive about it and changes the subject quickly but it is obvious he is insecure and feels unrecognized by his parents.

Heath is not really popular or unpopular, he seems to just hang out with whomever suits himself at the moment.

Heath has dyslexia and is very insecure and sensitive about people calling him dumb, stupid, and/or useless. Which is speculated but be a small reasons why he freaked out at Brooklyn once she got back from her summer trip, she said, "Stop playing dumb." and Heath angrily fought back, "Don't call me dumb!" [3] Though this is just a speculation and no one knows this for sure, this scene does demonstrate Heath's insecurity about being called dumb.

In Season Four, Heath is called into the vice-principle's office to talk about being pulled back a year and staying in year ten while all his friend move onto year eleven. The discussion gets heated and Heath angrily states that if they hold him back it will be like have a great big neon sign over his head saying FAILURE. [4]Just another example of Heaths fear of being deemed as unintelligent.


Heath lives with his mother as both his mum and dad are divorced. This affects him greatly (see above) Heath had trouble with school and dealt with it by causing mischief, such as the one time he put chickens in Principal Bates' office. This is done to get attention and feel recognized.

Heath is an only child and there is no mention about his or his parents feeling on this subject. He goes to Bremin high school were he is well known with no known specific interest or niche.

Heath was dating Brooklyn Wansbrough. However the two broke up after Brooklyn returned from a trip and confronted Heath about not answering her texts which he angrily replied to stop being needy [5].

Powers and abilities

Heath's element is fire which he loves and is proud of. He has the ability to fart fire and unlock doors by somehow heating it up from the inside out. He has also been shown to have the ability to heat his hands up and burn thing, like when him and Nicco were talking in his house he got angry and made finger burn marks in his table. This ability become very useful later on in the series.

After a whole summer of magical training in his specific element, Heath was shown that he could now make fireballs and heat metal making it weak and malleable.


  • Heath has trouble reading, due to having dyslexia.[4][5]
  • Heath can think fast and smart under pressure, like when Kayla was possessed and they were chased by police in the Other World.




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