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Magic is tearing the multiverse apart.

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"Cool, magic. Love it!"
―Heath Buckland[src]

Heath Buckland is a Restoring Demon in Negative Space, alongside the Nowhere Gang and Ben Ripley, the Guardian of the multiverse.[3] He was formerly a student at Bremin High School who struggled with his dyslexia. His element is fire.[2]


Heath is head strong and tough. He can be a jerk to others, especially towards Luke. Heath can also be flirty towards girls, such as Nicco Pandelis but can come off as disrespectful.



Heath lives with his mother as his mum and dad are divorced. He had trouble with school and dealt with it by causing mischief, such as the one time he put chickens in Principal Bates' office.

Powers and abilities Edit

Heath's element is fire. He has the ability to fart fire and unlock doors. He can also super heat or melt things.

After a summer of magical training, Heath could make fireballs and heat metal making it weak and malleable.


  • Heath has trouble reading, due to having dyslexia.[4][5]




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