Real World Alternate World

Gary Riles
Gary Original
Hair colour Brown
Age 32-34
Occupation None
Relatives Jake Riles (son)
Sarah Riles (ex-wife)
Friends None
Enemies None
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Gary Riles (Alternate World)
First appearance Episode 2
Portrayed by Damien Richardson

Gary Riles is the father of Jake Riles, one of the Bremin Four, a group of boys who got lost in an Alternate World. He was formerly married to Sarah Riles.


Gary is overly cheery, lazy, and has a care-free approach to life. He is unemployed and spends all day watching sports. Jake considers him to be a "loser", and is generally embarrassed by him. Gary also has a love of making lame jokes, and laughs at them himself when others don't.


Bremin Four incidentEdit

Gary joined the other boys' fathers in searching for them in the Bremin Ranges when they went missing.[1]

Jake returnsEdit

Having reunited with Jake, Gary continued with his loser attitude, leading Jake to be still ashamed of him despite loving him regardless.

Cop Gary and the Restoring DemonEdit

When Cop Gary was accidentally transported to the Real World, and started reconnecting with this worlds Sarah, this spelled trouble when Jake's father made his way over to meet Sarah too. Knowing the dangers of two versions of Gary meeting, Felix had the Nowhere Gang keep the two alternate Garys apart. Sam and Ellen were tasked with distracting Jake's Gary, where he annoyed them with his lame jokes. However, this was interrupted when the Restoring Demon possessed both Garys and controlled them in an effort to make physically contact each other.[2]


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