Felix's fire ball

Felix Ferne generates a fire ball.

"Whoa, I'm like a human microwave!"
Viv Lau[src]

Fire is an elemental power currently used by Heath Buckland and formerly used by Felix Ferne in the Real World.

During the battle with her, Tegan gave the Fire element to Viv Lau, but later redacted it.[1] [2]


Felix discovers that he has this power as well as magical potential, which he uses in the excursion to help his brother Oscar walk again. After returning from the Alternate World (which Felix's spell ultimately sent them to), he learns that he has fire powers, being able to make a fireball, by focusing on his hand. When Alice freezes the school, he uses it in order to get to Jake and Sam. At one stage, using a Binding Spell, Alice took all the boys powers and gave them to her sister Phoebe, who temporarily had the powers of EarthWater, Fire, Air, and Spirit.


People who are fire elements have displayed the following powers:

  • Pyrokinesis - Generating and controlling fire. Used by both Felix and Heath to make fireballs.
  • Thermokinesis - Generating intense heat without the presence of visible flames. Used by Viv Lau and Heath Buckland to heat the ground and metals respectively.
  • photokinesis: generating light with only hand gestures. Used by Felix to illuminate the secret lair.

People With This ElementEdit


  • Phoebe Hartley, had this power temporarily after Alice's Binding Spell.


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