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Episode 3 is the third episode of Nowhere Boys Season 1, and the third episode overall.


Andy, Felix and Jake break into Bremin High searching for proof of themselves in the school records; Sam searches for his girlfriend Mia; and the Thing that stalked them makes a scary return...


Andy tells the gang that he has a idea of working out if they exist in this universe or not. This leads to him, Jake and Felix breaking into the school in order to try and find a trace of their existence. Felix tries to get into the library but doesn't have any luck as its password protected. At the same time, Jake decides to look at the pictures outside the basketball hall though he too doesn't find any trace of him, which makes him worried. Lastly, Andy goes onto the school computer and writes up each of their names to see if they are in the school records. When the other two arrive he tells them they don't and says " we really don't exist..." and they all look at each other in disbelief.

While this is happening, Sam tries to win over Mia still by taking a picture of the boat which says "M.G and S.C". When he shows her it she says she remembers it but didn't do it with him, she did it with her boyfriend Sammy (alternate Version of Sam). This makes Sam heart broken and  then Sammy turns up telling him to back off from Mia. Sam smiles at Mia and runs off back to the boys, avoiding a fight with Sammy and at the same time, takes Sammy's skateboard off him, claiming it's his.

The three other boys reliease that they can no longer get in trouble as they don't exist so they have the idea to trash the school hall, playing games and throwing toilet roll everywhere. Jake also smashes a window in frustration and says whats the point if we can't get caught, which is what lead to them trashing the hall in the first place.

Sam soons turns up and looks upset, informing the others that Mia didn't know who he was and that he got replaced.  This makes Andy's prediction true as no one knows who they all. When they eventually leave Andy sees the security camera filming them. He says "lucky we don't exist" and walks out.

During the final scenes of the episode, the boys are at the shelter and they get a visit from the Restoring Demon who causes a storm to come and attack them.


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