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"My mission was to deliver this."

Ellen's Love Note is a pink, folded, decorated paper that alternate Ellen O'Donnell made for Andy Lau as a token of affection. It becomes one of Andy's most treasured belongings.


It is a pink piece of paper that has all of its corners folded in to meet at the middle. Underneath the folded edges it has written "U + Me = ♥".


Season 1Edit

After Andy saves her life by pushing her away from a bus, Ellen develops a crush on Andy. Wanting to show her affection to the mysterious stranger, but not knowing his address or contact details, she made the love note and had a kid give it to Andy.

At first Andy does not know what to make of this gesture, having never been admired before. He shows the love note to Jake Riles and asks for advice.

When Andy begins going to Bremin High School, Ellen finds him and reveals the love note was from her.

Season 2Edit

On the first episode, we discover that Andy has brought back the note to his universe and left it in his drawer.

When he goes missingthe other boys go into his room and tear it up to cast a spell to attempt to contact him.