Earth is an elemental power possessed by Nicco Pandelis and formerly Jake Riles in the Real World. During the boys' battle with her, Tegan also had the power of Earth.


Jake Riles discovered that he had the power as well as magical potential after Felix Ferne utilised it during the excursion to the Bremin Ranges National Park to use an Unmaking Spell and help his brother Oscar walk again. After returning from an Alternate World, Jake learnt that he had Earth powers, such as being able to cause earthquakes by making a fist to the ground. He eventually learned to control the power.

It was later discovered that Saskia Bloom — a golem created by Alice Hartley — had the element of earth.

A year later, Tegan had thus power, using it to cause chaos.


People who are earth elements have displayed the following powers:

  • Geokinesis: Manipulating the earth, including generating fissures and quakes. Jake and Nicco used this power to cause earthquakes and fissures in the ground.

People with the elementEdit