Real World Alternate World

Dylan Original
Hair colour Brown
Occupation Student
Friends Jake Riles,
Trent Long (Real World)
Enemies Mike Parker (Real World),
Andy Lau,
Felix Ferne,
Oscar Ferne (Real World)
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Dylan (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Zelman Cressey Gladwin

Dylan is a minor character in Nowhere Boys. He is one of Jake's old friends, and one of the bullies at Bremin High School. He is portrayed by Zelman Cressey Gladwin.


Dylan is one of the tough students at Bremin High, who picks on those who are weaker. He typically hung out with Trent and formerly Jake, and is an even bigger bully than Jake is. He enjoys tormenting others, particularly by throwing water bombs at them. Jake stated that he was able to hit someone with a water bomb through a moving bus.


Season 2Edit

While the boys search for a candidate with magical potential to replace Andy, Jake suggests Dylan, due to his exceptional waterbomb throwing skills. Felix tracks Dylan down, and tries to test his magic potential by pretending to walk into a door. However the bully only embarrasses him by intentionally making him crash. Felix makes another attempt to find Dylan, but ends up being ambushed with a barrage of waterbombs.


  • According to Jake, Dylan is a champion water bomb thrower, and once hit someone from a moving bus.