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In the Alternate World, the Restoring Demon has attacked the boys many times. There has been one attack in the Real World. See below for a list of these attacks.


In Episode 1 (Season 1), the boys got attacked by Alice (possibly sent by Bear/The Darkness) to "restore order" in the form of a tornado. This got warn away just before they found Roland.


While stuck in the Alternate World, the boys found shelter at a nearby shack. Near the end of Episode 3, Felix encountered an "evil spirit" watching them from a distance. After quickly running inside, a giant storm swelled up, which kept Sam awake all night. When they got out the next episode, they noticed a spiral shape surrounding the shack.

Possessed BeesEdit

In Episode 4, Felix and Oscar start getting chased by bees, which increase in numbers over time. They go to Arcane Lane for help, where Phoebe gives them the talisman so Felix can prove he has magic. Felix and Oscar meet back with the other boys at the shelter where they are completely surrounded by bees. The boys try to seal off the shelter, and fight off the bees using bug-spray. However Felix uses the talisman to cast the Repelling Spell for the first time, and makes all the bees disappear.

Demonic Dogs AttackEdit