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"He thinks he's so cool."
"Seems OK to me."
"He'll pretend to be a friend but he won't actually mean it."
Ben Ripley and Luke Hamill[src]

Brian Bates, also called Principal Bates,[1] Mr Bates or simply Bates is the principal and formerly a science teacher at Bremin High School.

Over the course of the Nowhere Boys' adventures, he began to show an attraction to Sarah Riles.


Bates is generally quite kind, and tried hard for Jake to accept him while teaching him and dating his mother, but Jake made it obvious that he held a dislike for him.

In 2017, Bates was trapped in the Empty World, during which time his hidden and seemingly insane personality came through.[2]


Excursion to the Bremin RangesEdit

Mr Bates was the teacher organizing the science excursion to the Bremin Ranges National Park.[3]

He later continued to lead a search for the Nowhere Boys in the forest, while they were actually missing in the Alternate World.[4]

Attachment to SarahEdit

At Jake's return, he discovered that his universe's Brian has also started dating his mother. While Jake and the other boys were under questioning from Roland, Brian attempted to offer Jake support, but Jake coldly distances himself, not wanting to have him as a father figure.

He ended up inviting Sarah and Jake over for dinner, which Jake reluctantly went to. At first Jake remained unenthusiastic, but he was hit by an illness from the Earth Element overdose which lead to he and his mother having to leave.

Becoming PrincipalEdit

Within three years after the Bremin Four's clash against Tegan, Brian had become the Principal of Bremin High School, and was the first person to disappear, coinciding with Luke Hamill's arrival to the school and Ben Ripley's assembling of the new Nowhere Boys.[1]

Stranded in alternate realityEdit

"You say magic, but what I think you're really talking about is science. Einstein said that everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality."
―An unhinged Principal Bates[src]

Bates was one of the several people who found himself transported to another reality, where Bremin was devoid of people. He had used a bus and driven to other suburbs, including the city and Rochford, to find all of them empty as well. At some point he encountered Brooklyn Wansbrough and Peta Chen, picking them up on the bus. Eventually the Nowhere Gang run into him and also hopped on the bus.[2]

Bates drive the bus back to Bremin, but Luke quickly asked him stop after he spotted his mother on the side of the road. Bates believed that Luke hallucinated his mother, due to missing her and thinking about her at the time. After Nicco managed to convince Luke to return to the bus, Bates discovered the bus wouldn't start, having ran out of fuel with a broken gauge. Bates and the kids were then forced to walk themselves back to the school.[2]



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