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Brian Bates, often referred to as Mr Bates or simply Bates, is a science teacher at Bremin High School in the Alternate World, and married to Sarah Bates.



Arrival of the boysEdit

When Jake Riles arrived at his old house and finally met his mother, Mr Bates appeared sparking Jake's shock and realization that in the world, they're married.

Later on, Bates became possessed by the Restoring Demon as its newest victim. He tracked down Felix and pursued him all over town. When Felix ran into Oscar, Bates chased them both. After "demon Bates" caught Oscar, Felix convinced Bates to let Oscar go and take only him, but Bates "took them both" by possessing Oscar. The possessed Oscar helped Bates in kidnapping Felix and loading him into the back of Bates' car.

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